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“Simple but tense stealth action, grimy British neighborhoods, and gritty ambient music? Can’t go wrong. Give Walking Heavy a butcher’s, and you’ll be proper chuffed.” 4/5 - Indie Game Reviewer

Welcome to England.

Take on the role of a hitman, brought out of retirement by your former boss to help rid the streets of a mysterious new drug known only as HYPE. Navigating the UK via the  night train you are tasked with hunting down HYPE suppliers and getting  paid to drive up the street price of the drug.

Open-World Isometric action.
Bleak, moody isometric graphics set the scene as you ride between endless procedurally generated, open world levels. Explore the streets to find arms dealers, drug dealers, customers and most importantly – thetarget.

How far can you get?
With no limit to the number of HYPE suppliers on the streets, you will take on an  infinite number of procedurally generated levels and an ever-increasing police presence to reach your targets.

Choose the right tools.
With up to 6 different weapons to purchase and upgrade, and a vast array of gadgets / equipment, from tracking devices to drones, you will have to decide how best to spend your earnings to suit your style of play.

Develop your skills.
5 years of lying on the beaches of Thailand (or was it Cambodia?) have left you feeling a bit rusty – with multiple skills to upgrade keep taking out those targets and you will find your feet in no time.

Welcome to the HYPE Trade.
With such a hot insider tip on the rising price of HYPE, why sit on it? Buy and sell the drug at perpetually increasing prices and make some extra pocket money on the side.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Walking Heavy.exe 27 MB


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Deleted 137 days ago

https://m.soundcloud.com/vhsxmedia  there's his SoundCloud although there's not much on there. I was put in touch with him by a friend to get the music for WH, it's really good stuff isn't it.

Any chance of getting this on Linux? :)


I support this request (hi LiamD).


I'm working on an update with some exciting new content at the moment but once that's out I'll look at doing a linux version, shouldn't be long.

I'm loving this game so far and i love the hidden features such as the auto-aim Marksmanship perk

Cheers buddy, I'm currently working on adding some different building appearances, including high rise tower blocks which you can get roof access to, patch will drop soon - watch this space.

I think we need some cars on the streets to make it feal more alive, maby even a police cruiser or two.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback! I still have a big list of features I want to add to future updates - cars are amongst these as well as rooftop access, networks of sewers to navigate the maps undetected, phone boxes to make prank decoy calls to the police, wheelie bins to hide in, more varieties of building, set behavioural patterns for the target etc. etc. it's all just a matter of finding the time to keep adding these things!

amazing but i feel rampage mode should have something more and also different types of police would be nice but i am just suggesting . it is awsome for being published only 4 days ago .

Thanks for playing. Right now there are 3 different types of police - those carrying tasers, those with rifles and then the SOCA agents who are basically the same as the taser-wielding police but they'll recognise you on sight.. Later on there are also hitmen who look just like pedestrians but if you get too close they'll start homing in on you like the ghost from It Follows. I'm always game to add more stuff though!

i knew about all besides the hitmen but thanks for the info

Most excellent work. Love the dialects!

Love the video! Not sure if you've discovered these yet, but when you max out a skill you gain a small perk - the best is probably marksmanship which lets you auto-aim by scrolling the mouse wheel, works nicely with the M4 and sniper rifle.

woah! I did not know about that :D

There are a few hidden features to discover...